A prefix is added to the beginning of a root word. The meaning of the word changes when a prefix is added on.

Meaning of Prefixes

The table below shows a list of prefixes and their meaning with examples.

Root Word Prefix Meaning Example
social anti against antisocial
relevantir not irirrelevant
understand miss wrongly, not misunderstand
employed un not unemployed
agree dis not, opposite of disagree
biography auto self autobiography
justice in not injustice
againre again redo
viewpre before preview
circle semi half semicircle
marine sub under submarine
cycle uni one, single unicycle
media multi many/much multimedia
develop under below underdevelop
graduation post after postgraduation

Prefix Rule!

Root words beginning with the letters l, m, p or r cannot have the prefix in meaning 'not' added to the front. Have a look at the example below for prefixes that can be added to the front.


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