Prepositions are small words that are related to a noun or pronoun object; they add information to a sentence. A preposition is followed by a noun or pronoun.


Below is a table with some prepositions.

in over after at duringbeforenear
since until to with abovebehindbeside
inside outside up below abouttillunder
before as from untill downalonginto

Prepositions can tell you about the time, place and movement

Prepositions Of Time

in - examples of how we use the preposition in:

Parts of the day:
Jane went swimming in the afternoon and Tom went in the evening.

I am getting married in September. Jane is getting engaged in October.

They got married in 2009.

It is cold in winter and hot in the summer.

at - examples of how we use the preposition at:

Exact Time:
Jane went swimming at 11 o'clock.

Parts of the day:
At night you can hear the owls hoot.

We went to my uncle's house at Christmas.

on - examples of how we use the preposition on:

Days of the week:
On Sunday we went to the zoo.

Parts of the day:
It was on Friday afternoon the alarm went off.

My birthday is on the 23rd November.

The parade is on Easter.

More Prepositions of Time!

afterHe went swimming after lunch.
beforeI got an Easter egg before Easter.
sinceI have not been to work since Monday.
during We went mountain climbing during the holidays.
byIt has to be delivered by Sunday.
until They played in the park until 3pm.

Prepositions of Place

atHe was at the restaurant.
inThey were in the library.
on The book was on the table.
aboveThe mirror hangs above the fireplace.
next toThe museum is next to the fire station.
insideMary was inside the house.
outsideThe bins were outside the building.
in frontTom is in front of Jack.

Prepositions of Movement

toHe went to the sandwich shop.
into I went into the museum.
ontoShe jumped and fell onto a net.
across They ran across the road.
overThe dog jumped over the wall.
upI ran up the hill.
downHe walked down the hill.

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