Punctuation marks are needed in your sentences so they can help you make sense of what you are reading.

You will find one or more of the following punctuations in a sentence:

Full Stop

Full stop or periods . appears at the end of a sentence.

It was pouring down with rain.

I was playing in the park .

The dog jumped over the wall.


A Comma , can be used to:

Exclamation Mark

An exclamation mark ! emphasises what is being said.

I am so happy!

He never washes up after dinner!

Listen to me!

Oh no!

Question Mark

A ? is used after a question.

How much is a cup of tea?

Where do you live?

Who are you?

What is your name?


An apostrophe ' is added to a singlular or a plural noun to indicate the ownership of something. It can also be used to contract words.

Singular Nouns

The cat's dinner
Tom's car was stolen
My sister's house is down the road

Plural Nouns

My sisters' houses were built with red bricks.
The tigers' like their surroundings.
The boys' go to all the football matches.


For the following we add the apostrophe before the s:


Apostrophe can be use to contract words.

I haven't been to the park for a while.
I don't like swimming
He's lost his door keys
She doesn't like to drink milk


A colon : can be used:


A semicolon ; can be used to:

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